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A simple trick to refresh your home style

October 22, 2017
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Do you ever feel like your home decor is a little stale?  I know I do!  It seems like this usually happens between seasons, when I’m getting kind of tired of the last season’s look, but I’m not quite ready to pull everything out and start from scratch. Over the years, I’ve learned a little style secret to help me shake things up when staleness sets in, and I thought I’d share it with you today.  I hope this idea will help you refresh your home style and feel more excited about your spaces!

Modern coastal dining room with panel molding slipcovered chairs and blue and white accents-refresh your home decor


First of all, walk around your house and make a note, either mentally or on paper, of things that you already own that are interesting or cool — things that speak to you and make you happy when you look at them.  To refresh our dining room, I recently brought in some outdoor plants to use as a centerpiece, propped some favorite artwork on the sideboard, added a favorite ginger jar for a pop of blue, and draped one of my favorite diamond-patterned throws over a chair.


Make sure to look in your storage areas and walk through every room, because you never know where you might find hidden treasure!  For example, I recently spotted a bamboo tray table in one of our basement guest rooms.  I originally put it there thinking it might come in handy for our guests, but the truth is, that room is only used a couple of times a year.

White walls with panel moulding, bamboo bar cart, and fiddle leaf fig-refresh your home decor

I’d walked past that bamboo table a zillion times because my home décor closet is in that room, but one day it hit me that it would make a great bar cart or drink station.  The funny thing is, I almost didn’t bring it upstairs because I didn’t want to break up the décor in that room.  Obviously, I need to broaden my thinking a bit.  My new motto should be “break things up to shake things up!”


The idea is, if you have rooms that are rarely used, rather than keeping them in perfect condition with all of your best decorations, give yourself permission to borrow things from those spaces to use in your most-used spaces, where you can enjoy them on a daily basis.

Modern living room with panel moulding, botanical gallery wall, vintage blue rug-refresh your home decor

As you walk through your house, look for things that are popular right now and work with any design style, including Persian-inspired rugs, plants, baskets, rattan and wicker pieces, textured pillows, mid-century furniture and lamps, unique chairs, faux fur items, throws (especially with fringe, pom-poms or tassels), wood or glass beads, unique containers for plants and greenery, brass items, and artwork, frames and photos that can be used in a gallery wall collection.


Then gather your finds together and use them in unique combinations and in new spots around your home to create an entirely new look!  This blue entryway table had a former life as a black nightstand until I gave it a fresh coat of paint (Valspar Indigo Streamer) and new hardware!

Entryway ideas-blue cabinet-round mirror-panel moulding-refresh your home decor



This little exercise really helps when you’re feeling dissatisfied with your home because it fosters an appreciation for what you already have.  It also helps you define and broaden your style.

You might be surprised to discover that your taste has evolved and you’re ready for an entirely different look and feel in your home. Over the past year, I’ve seen my style transition from a touch of rustic farmhouse to more of a casual coastal vibe!  Who knows what I’ll be loving a year from now?

Blue and white coastal bedroom-white walls-panel molding-modern boho style-shibori pillows-refresh your home decor



I hope this idea will help you refresh your home, see it with new eyes, and appreciate it more than ever.  That’s what decorating–or any creative endeavor–should be about:  growing, evolving, and using our creativity and imagination to see things in new ways.

Have fun shaking things up!

xo jane

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