Living with Gratitude and Joy

November 26, 2015
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“Everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what God has done for us.”

The Power of Pure Gratitude

I love this quote by Lauryn Hill because it reminds me that everything I do every day (not just on Thanksgiving), from cooking dinner to brushing my teeth, should be done with a sense of gratitude for all that God has done for me. 

And He’s done so much!

I grew up attending Sunday School every week, and it seems like we spent a lot of time learning about the children of Israel, wandering in the desert, complaining all the time–completely forgetting how God rescued them from slavery in Egypt.  At the time, it was easy to look at them as foolish and blind to what God had done for them, but when I consider my own life, I realize I’m often no different.

I, too, have been given the gift of complete freedom, which means that every moment of my life is a gift to be cherished and celebrated! Still, I tend to pick and choose what I’m grateful for–either taking the rest for granted or complaining about it, as if it happened by mistake.

But God doesn’t make mistakes, which means that all of it is good, and I need to be grateful for everything and every moment.  Every thought and every act should be expressed as a joyful offer of thanksgiving. 

So, while my daily practice of counting my blessings is well-intentioned, I need to remember that a few moments of appreciation and quick prayers before meals don’t exactly fulfill my “gratitude quota” for the day.

Appreciation and gratitude aren’t things we check off our to-do lists, they’re states of being. 

When we greet every moment with a sense of the miraculous, our entire life becomes a song of praise.

Today, and every day, I’m going to do my best to live my life as a continual offering of praise and thanksgiving.

“I am grateful for what I am and have.  My thanksgiving is perpetual.”  –Henry David Thoreau

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