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Nature’s Stress Relievers: Essential Oils for Anxiety and Worry

May 15, 2016
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Hi friends!  I’m popping in today to share how I recently used essential oils for anxiety and worry on a long road trip!

Nature's Stress Relievers: Essential Oils for Anxiety and Worry

I have a secret to share with you–I have a fear of driving on busy highways! Thankfully, I live in a small town, which means I rarely have to brave rush-hour traffic.  So when a friend recently asked me to drive cross-country with her to help her transport her dogs from their winter home to their summer home, I was a little hesitant, knowing the entire trip would be on busy interstates.

Of course, I said yes, but my first thought was that I’d better bring bring along a full arsenal of my favorite calming essential oils, which I did. 

Each morning, before we set out on our trip and several times throughout the day, I’d dab a few drops of a special blend containing cedarwood (for confidence), wild orange and sandalwood (for anxiety), juniper berry (for clarity), and frankincense (for positive thoughts) on the back of my neck and my wrists.  This beautiful blend carried me through our 3-day odyssey with an amazing sense of calm and clarity, and I was actually able to enjoy the experience (despite a couple of missed exits)!

You know, when I first discovered the world of essential oils, I mainly used them for things like skin issues, muscle soreness, tummy troubles, etc.  And I still use them for those things nearly every day.

But a happy surprise has been learning that I can also use essential oils for anxiety, worry, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, negative thinking, and driving on the highway!

I’ve found several oils and blends that lend themselves to various uses on various days–and times of the month–depending on whether I need to boost my mood, lessen tension and anxiety, regain focus and clarity, or restore a feeling of calm.

I might use peppermint if I need to focus on a certain task, frankincense to enhance my creativity (and help me write blog posts!), or wild orange if I’m feeling overwhelmed.

To get the desired effect, I choose an oil and rub a drop or 2 on my temples, the back of my neck, or the base of my spine. Then I’ll repeat the application every few hours, as needed.  (Note–you might need to dilute strong or “spicy” essential oils–especially if you’re using them on children.)

I also diffuse oils throughout the day to help keep those peaceful feelings going.  (See this post on 13 essential oil blends for your diffuser)

I’ve also found that essential oils are great for helping me relax and get a good night’s sleep, which is crucial for reducing anxiety and ending middle-of-the-night worry spells.  I simply rub lavender oil on the bottoms of my feet or add 2 or 3 drops to a warm bath before bedtime.  Heaven!

Using Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Following are a few mood-enhancing uses and benefits I’ve experienced from several of my favorite essential oils.


  • Anxietylavender (diffused or topical), orange (diffused), lemon (diffused), Roman chamomile (diffused or topical), clary sage (diffused or topical), jasmine (diffused or topical), neroli (diffused or topical), sandalwood (diffused or topical)
  • Hormonal or monthly stressclary sage (diffused or topical)
  • Fearylang ylang (diffused or topical), orange (diffused)
  • Overwhelmorange (diffused or topical)
  • Self-pityorange (diffused or topical)
  • Worrybergamot (diffused)
  • Feeling defeatedcypress (diffused or topical), white fir (diffused or topical), juniper (diffused or topical)

Desired Benefit:

  • Clarityjuniper berry (diffused or topical)
  • Concentrationlavender (diffused), lemon (diffused)
  • Confidencecedarwood (diffused or topical), orange (diffused or topical)
  • Enhanced creativityfrankincense (diffused or topical), sandalwood (diffused or topical)
  • Mental balance and groundinggeranium (diffused or topical), juniper (diffused or topical)
  • Open mindfrankincense (diffused or topical), sandalwood (diffused or topical)
  • Peacelavender (diffused or topical)
  • Positive feelingsbasil (diffused or topical), peppermint (diffused or topical), frankincense (diffused or topical), cedarwood (diffused or topical), juniper (diffused or topical)
  • ReleaseRoman chamomile (diffused or topical)
  • Uplifting:  lemon (diffused), orange (diffused)
  • Increased alertness:  peppermint (diffused or topical), ylang ylang (diffused), lemon (diffused or topical)

xo jane


Important: Consult with your physician before using essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care.  Use only pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and follow all label warnings and instructions. Essential oils should not be used in the eyes, inside the ear canal, or in open wounds. If redness or irritation occurs when using essential oils topically, simply apply seed or vegetable oils, such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil to the affected area.

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