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Easy, Breezy Summer Home Decorating Ideas

July 7, 2016
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Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideasIn the summer I like to keep things simple and easy, and my home decorating style definitely reflects that relaxed state of mind.

Inspired by the colors and textures of nature, I love to bring the outdoors in as much as possible through fresh plants, flowers, cuttings, twigs, wood, seashells, baskets, and rocks.

By sticking to a color scheme that reflects nature–fresh greens, crisp blues, and bright neutrals– everything goes together.  This means I can carry any pillow or decorative item from room-to-room (a daily thing for me, btw) and it will usually work.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a pop of color–in fact, one of my favorite home decorating strategies year round is using fresh flowers–especially in shades of pink!  They make even the dreariest spot look beautiful.

Believe me, the peonies in the photo above graced just about every surface in the house while they were alive.  (And even for a while after they’d bit the dust.)

In addition to using fresh flowers, following are a few more decorating ideas that will make your home and life a bit easier and breezier this summer.

Easy, Breezy Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

Can you spot the peonies?  Yep, they’re here, adding a cheery pop of color to an otherwise  neutral space.

Other natural decorative elements in this room include:

  • branches and clippings from our trees, which nearly overflow a white pitcher;
  • fern fronds snipped from my patio planters and placed in tiny vases;
  • a few succulents (both real and faux); and
  • my trusty ficus tree in the foreground.

A few baskets and accent pieces finish out the look.  If you’re interested, here’s how to make a gallery wall of botanicals like the one above.

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

The area shown above is in our little sun room/hearth room where we spend most of our time.  In the summer, I like to incorporate a bit of a coastal theme in here, pretending this is our beach house.

A small tray from Hobby Lobby holds chairside essentials.  Those little fern clippings appear again here–this time in a sweet blue and white striped vase from Target.

White slipcovers and striped ticking pillow covers from Ikea add a nice crisp, summery vibe.

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

Dave loves to prune things, so I try to follow behind him and salvage all the clippings so I can use them indoors.  I just plop them in a vase and they last for a week or two.

I can’t imagine a better (or less expensive) way to add beauty to a space. These are from a Russian almond bush that needed a trim.  Aren’t they beautiful?

A dough bowl from Target and my DIY wooden bead strand add textural elements to this spot.

[left]Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas[/left] [right]Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas[/right] [left]Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas[/left] [right]Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas[/right] [left]Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas[/left] [right]Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas[/right]

Above, a few summer vignettes, including:

  • a vase of hydrangeas next to a cozy reading spot
  • fresh lemons in a bowl–so easy, but so vibrant and pretty
  • bright white hydrangeas, wood beads, and friendly fiddle-leaf fig in a seagrass basket add up to a crisp and refreshing vibe
  • fern cuttings, pale wood accents, and a touch of brass keep everything light and bright
  • succulents and a hardy snake plant in a natural woven basket add a modern/rustic feeling to the living room
  • a bowl of succulents (you really can’t have too many) add the look and feel of summer to any spot–outdoors or in!

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

The dining room stays relatively clean and uncluttered throughout the summer–mainly because we eat most of our meals on the patio!

A simple faux monsterra leaf from Michael’s, blue and white curtains, and a terrarium are the only additions I’ve made for the summer.

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

Don’t forget to beautify your summer dining!  By adding a few touches of nature to your table–outdoors or in–you can easily take your dining experience from ho hum to hooray!  p.s. Here’s the recipe for the pasta dish shown above:  Fresh Summer Pasta with Basil, Tomato, and Shaved Parmesan.

Here, I’ve added a few lemons, my lovely almond bush clippings, and some natural woven placemats to create a lovely summertime table setting.

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

You can never go wrong with blue and white in the summer–it’s the epitome of easy and breezy!

Easy, breezy summer home decorating ideas

And remember, when all else fails, a vase of pink peonies (or any flowers) works wonders!

P.S. Many of the items on this page can be found on my Shop My Favorites page!

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